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hiiii!!! hello dear internet userrr :3 welcome to my about me page!! it's all about me, adrian, or more commonly known on the web as drezff or chalo (i dont use chalo anymore please dont call me that pls),,,, im a (almost) 15 yo webmaster from poland that created this site!! i consider myself as a socially akward extrovert and i struggle with making new friends irll,,,

frvr is my comfort place, a project and a part of me since 2022!! my entire special interest which is web design and coding appeared not too long ago, when i first discovered neocities back a while ago.. i'm really obsessed with self expression, it's one of the most important things for me at the moment and it makes me so upset that there arent enough places where i can tell the entire world who i am and share my thoughts, interests, feelings and much more! i'm a huge fan of writing about myself and my opinions, i feel like im heard out when i do that (which i can't really do on the modern social media sites, such as twitter, tumblr or tiktok),,,, even though i don't update frvr that often - it's still a huge part of my identity that i won't get rid of anytime soon

i don't think that there's a lot of things that i hate when people do them, or things that make me distance myself from a person i know, but if you're stealing code and you do that on an average basis then i hate you, and many other people on this site hate you too. i get it, you want to learn how to code, have your "super nostalgic kawaiicore and webcore site" that you have no attachment to whatsoever and use it for the aesthetic, but stealing code? really? it's one of the lamest things you could do. other thing i hate and i'll probably block you everywhere if you're that kind of a person - romanticising "yanderes" (or obsessive love in general) when you're a mentally healthy person or just don't experience that yourself,, if you do that as a coping mechanism because you experience that yourself - okay, i get you, i do the same, but don't expect anyone to treat you seriously when you do so.

i have like, short dark blonde hair i wanna dye into a darker colour like dark brown or black (i even thought about dark red) and i wanted to cut it into like a jellyfish haircut. i also have glasses, cause my vision sucks ass when i don't wear them... i also wear this sweater with white and yellow stripes that i adore, i bought it like in october 2022? and it was the best decision i've ever made!!!1 except for the sweater, i love dressing up in skirts, thighs and just generally in that cutesy style you might've seen already on the web, i find that style really pretty and if i had more things like that to wear in my wardrobe, i probably would wear them every single day :3

one of the main things i've always loved doing (since i grew up with the internet, my parents never paid a lot of attention to me) was collecting pretty images, that are usually pixels or fake decorative ads!! i love going through some sites on the web archive and go "image hunting" as i call it... i love using TONS of them in my projects... i hate minimalism, so i always try to make things super chaotic
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