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last updated: 14/01/23
new home page layout + added dark mode home page

launched the love page:333

about me page remake!!

front page remake.... :3

updated about me page!!

creation of my little website!!
frvr is my personal safespace made from scratch dear internet user :3 this site represents all my favourite things in one place!! frvr is a place which still, and probably never will be finished in a traditional meaning, be aware of the multiple amount of updates, changes and TOOONS of unfinished pages that i'll probably start making once i feel inspired enough to do so... frvr can also be interpreted as projection of my feelings onto the computer screen, which i use in order to cope with multiple problems i face as a developing teenager
!! despite most of the assets on the website not being mine, SOME OF THEM ARE EDITED JUST FOR MY OWN USE, if you want to use them please contact me first, i don't bite (i promise) (meow)
so... how did i end up here?
i discovered neocities actually a decade ago, when i first saw fauux's website that is based on my favourite anime - serial experiments lain, after that i didn't think much of it until around 4 months ago, when i had some sort of an awakening, the idea of having your own personal website on which i can just store multiple memories, things i like and other stuff without others judging me for that? HELL YEAH!! i loved that more than anything else.
whats up with the updates?
as you've probably noticed - there's a huge gap between updates in the update log, it's mainly because on neocities i can't really find the exact dates of the updates i made, but i can tell u a bit about how the website has looked like before!! it had a very messy windows 98 layout... mainly because of the fact that yameii online's official website had a similar theme, and since i still love yameii online, i came up with an idea - what if i make my own website like that but about me?? and my interests?? and other wonderful things?? that's why the website's name is frvr - it's the title of a song from yameii :3 the other themes u can find are in the archive section of the website!
adrian ☆ minor ☆ he/him
angelic anomaly | fallen angel
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adrian ☆ 10/01/23:
i think i'm going insane, he needs me i'm telling you, he needs me more than anythignelse in the worldl, he eneeds me eh needs me he nedes me HE NEEDS ME
adrian ☆ 09/01/23:
me and k are the best fucking couple to exist and u can't prove me otherwise!!!
adrian ☆ 06/01/23:
i feel sorta tired recently, though i still have k around me, he makes me feel like nobody ever made me feel
adrian ☆ 03/01/23:
biology is driving me INSANE bro like who normal will ask me randomly in a shop what kinds of sugars, fats or proteins we have??
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1. remake the love page
2. finish the pages
3. new index layout
4. dark mode index
5. add imgs to the gallery
6. new website button
7. add dairy entries
8. replacing gyarus
9. make yabujin shrine
10. finish lynn shrine
11. get better at coding
12. start therapy again
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