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oh god i suck at introductions, but here i am! as i said before i'm adrian and i'm a 4teen year old guy from poland! i'm really into anime (especially those old ones like perfect blue) and just that 2000s anime art style, webcore and i absolutely love cats!!! the main social media i use is discord, and my user is wrozbita adi#9860, feel free to dm me !!! i'm still quite new to html and coding, but once i sorta figured out how things work it became so much more fun, also the amount of inspiring websites here on neocities is so huge... i love them!! i tend to zone out pretty often so i might not be that fast in replying to messages, but i'll try my best to keep in touch with anyone who reaches out to me!! i'm open to new perspectives and opinions on things so i change my mind often, so if u see me saying one thing like a week later you know why,,,

also, PLEASE don't bother reaching out to me if you're going to get mad at me for me thinking differently than some other people or if you are close to skrill (twisted doctor)

alright!! it's time to tell u my interests in detail like everyone does, if a text is bold it means i'm REALLY into that piece of media and it's probably one of my special interests

anime/manga: serial experiments lain, neon genesis evangelion, houseki no kuni, a silent voice, saiki k, patema inverted, nichijou, spirited away, toilet bound hanako-kun, kiznaiver, magica madoka, qualia under the snow, umibe no etranger, oyasumi punpun

games: muse dash, project sekai, bandori, terraria, minecraft, undertale, deltarune, sally face, omori, needy streamer overload, the binding of isaac, pokemon, slime rancher, cookie run ovenbreak, osu!, ao oni, luna game, super filly adventure

music: machine girl, loli in the early 20s, duster, sewerslvt, baby metal, the neighbourhood, yameii online, dashie, yung adisz, tv girl, jorj1357, vansire, whirr, deftones, goreshit, yabujin

today's picture!


i'm autistic!!

i used 2 be obsessed with mlp creepypasta stories, especially cupcakes and rainbow factory

i'm REALLY clumsy irl, like to the point i trip on a straight road

i daydream like all the time

my first comfort song was sweater weather (still love it though)

i'm actually obsessed with things where u can customize ur own things (especially pony town)

i own a white hoodie with rei from evangelion!!

my top 3 fav vocaloids are luka megurine, gumi and vflower

LATEST BLOG ENTRY there's no blog entry, just empty space 4 it