hello dear internet user! frvr is a website made by me - adrian as a way to store some memories, interests and just general information about me! it's more of a safespace than an actual blog like many people on neocities make. the site is under construction i still need to make a few more shrines and the layout on different pages, but i guess it's almost where i want it to be :)) well, thank u for reading and feel free to explore my very small and cozy corner of the internet.

frvr earlier was more of a testing place for my understanding of coding in html, it was quite fun and i associated the website itself with an artist called yameii online, thats why the name of the website is frvr - it's one of their songs that i used to be obsessed with! well, i'm still not the best at coding and often use external resources to learn how to change certain things, but i often figure out how to change them by myself. i guess u could say frvr was a huge mess, because the windows 98 layout ended up looking ugly (it was chaotic af)


finishing the new layout

finishing the rest of the pages

finishing the shrines

fixing kanade :skull:


if u really like my page u can use this button to link my website! let me know if u did, i'd love to see your corner of the internet :)