NAME: Sabine Callas
GENDER: Female
RACE: Human
ORIGIN: United States
ROLE: Controller

Viper is an Agent in VALORANT and one of the first Controllers available to play since the Closed Beta. Ever since I found out about Valorant I was in love with her design, she's a poison-themed character whose abilities are in some sort related to gas. She's really fun to play and if you know what you're doing - she'll be really rewarding. Despite her difficulty - she's one of the best spike planters in the game (if not the best spike planter) and can clutch out situations that would have otherwise been lopsided.

When playing Viper I’d say it’s more about playing around her smokes and becoming one with them and learning the enemy (you can place her Orb and then let it go up and run or walk by it and as soon as you’re past the area you’re trying to cross without being shot (either knowing someone is there or not knowing if it’s clear) picking the orb up behind you to use for later. You can use her mollies however you want (although generally you want save if you want to do lineups) and as for the lineups you can look them up or you can go ahead and go on customs and find some.

Walking is one if not the most important step of playing Viper, running behind your wall and someone being there will expose you and they will most often then not push and kill you. Running in your Ultimate also can be very detrimental, BHopping is pretty good but risky.

Overall I think Viper is so far one of my absolute favourites from Valorant (2nd place is Neon ofc) and I still wish to learn her more